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I Need Help with a Scene from the Novel...

I'm a long time trainspotter but am new to the group and need help. I was visiting Television Tropes and found this. I need my memory jogged.

Slight Spoilers:

Dropped A Bridget On Him: In the movie, but not the novel. One of Begbie's club hookups turns out to be packing a salami surprise. His reaction is predictable, though much less violent than might have been anticipated. In the book, this happened to Renton, not Begbie. However, as opposed to panicking, Mark admits to always being curious about what it would be like to be with a man and ends up getting to third base with him. Eventually, the violently homophobic Begbie caught Renton fondling the transvestite and beat him until he couldn't walk for a couple of days.

I need help with this scene from the book because it's been a while. I remember Renton's account of the "gorgeous young queen" but don't remember the part about Begbie. Can someone help me out if this is in the novel and exactly where it is?
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